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 Taste: What makes these huge apples live up to their name is the fact that their individual cells are actually larger than most apples, and it’s these swollen pockets of juice that rupture with a snap when bitten and fill the mouth with the honeyed, fragrant juice of their namesake.

Nutritional Info:

  • An average Honeycrisp apple contains about 80 calories
  • Rich in dietary fiber, specifically pectin which has been shown to reduce cholesterol and slow glucose metabolism in diabetics
  • Contain Vitamins A and C, most of which is found in the skin.

Best Uses for Honeycrisp Apples:  The unique combination of high juice content and crispy texture makes Honeycrisp a versatile apple with a lot of possibilities. Recently cider-makers have gotten excited about Honeycrisp. Despite their juiciness, the apple holds its form under heat and is a new favorite for making pies. Caramelized, they complement dishes made with cheese like grilled cheese sandwiches.

When To Look for Honeycrisp Apples: Honeycrisps ripen in late-September to mid-October, and are usually available through December.

How to Store Honeycrisp Apples: Like all apples, Honeycrisps should be stored in your refrigerator. Be wary, as these apples bruise particularly easy. 

Medium Basket 2-2.5Lbs Approx 5-7 pieces depending on size and variety

Large Basket 4 -4.5lbs Approx 10-12 pieces depending on size and variety 

Extra Large Approx. 8 lbs; 18-20 pieces

*Keep refrigerated to last up to 2-3 weeks.

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Priya T.
Canada Canada

I ordered some honey crisp apples in my steve and dans delivery box! While I loved the service and had a few amazing goodies in it, the honey crisp apples were mostly soft and some were mouldy. Still a positive experience with the service. I just should have double checked the apples as soon as they arrived.

Cathy O.
Canada Canada

These are typically great apples