Effing Seafood Yukon Arctic Char


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Where it’s from: Yukon (Farmed) - *Ocean wise

Why we #effinglove it: This fish is rich in taste with flavor profile between salmon and trout,  and a fat content close to sockeye salmon and noticeably larger than Icelandic Char. 

Cooking Method: Very versatile fish, best cooking methods are;  sauté, bake, broil, grill, smoke.  Moderately firm meat with a fine flake. The skin is thin and crisps up nicely .

Fish Tip:  Don’t be afraid if fillet has a slimy feel on the skin, this is normal, the fish secretes a protective barrier. Best to scrape off slime with the back of a butter knife and rinse char in cold water then pat dry with a paper towel. 

* The Ocean Wise logo next to a menu or seafood item is an assurance that the item is a good choice for keeping ocean life healthy and abundant for generations to come.

A Healthy Portion for 2 people

*Ftozen approx 0.8Lb