NOT AVAILABLE * Full Season (June 24 - October 7) Family CSA Bundle


Not Available At This Time

*Our Full Season CSA is closed for the season. Please check out our half season in August:)

A bundle may include berries, juice, apple chips, seasonal tree fruits, and a small portion of our most popular veg. You won't know what you are getting, but what you will know, is it will be awesome, top quality, and tasty! To view typical product availability by month, click here to download our handy What's in Season Chart


  • Weekly starting June 24 - Oct 7, 2022 (16 weeks) **A full season CSA includes 1 free week**
  • Approx $60 value each week
  • 90% Fruit/Berries each week, and 10% specialty veggie item. Some weeks may be 100% fruit.
  • Juice and Chips maximum once per season. 
  • Our family size is based on 2 adults and 2 children
  • Friday pickups, between 1pm - 5pm (Steve and Dan's Farm Store is available for pickups between 3pm and 7pm).
  • CSA pickup is free
  • We don't accept refunds on full or instalment payments past June 14, 2022

Choose a pickup location from the dropdown menu. This will be your pickup location for the duration of the season. Click here to view more details about each location.