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Over many years, we have grown from hard working farmers into a trusted source of food collaboration.

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Have you been looking for Online Grocery, Fresh Fruit, Organic Meat and Vegetable Delivery? You have come at the right place. Here at Steve & Dan’s online market we serve the best quality items in Edmonton and surrounding areas.

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At Steve and Dan's Online Market, we never compromise on our standards of care and commitment towards our customers, the farmers we work alongside, and our staff.

Can't Go To The Market? Let the Market Come to You

Farmers' markets are a foodie's nirvana. However, since not everybody can go for a weekly shopping spree, why not let the market come to you instead? This is the idea behind Steve and Dan's Online Market. We connect directly to all the farmers in our vicinity and deliver affordable, freshly harvested food directly from the farm.

We know, we know!

This sounds just too good to be true. All you have to do is fill out a form, and then get to filling your cart with a variety of delicious produce from us, and voila! We have organically sourced apples, garlic, meat, seafood, and so much more waiting for you at Steve and Dan's Online Market.

Come visit us today, and let us provide food delivery in Edmonton!

Ditch the Supermarket

Community supported agriculture is fantastic!

However, at times you are bombarded with chard or are simply wondering what you need to do with garlic scapes. What if alternatively, you can get a weekly box of organic produce? You can choose exactly what you want in this box. This is the idea behind Steve and Dan's Online Market, an online market that helps you ditch the supermarket!

Now you can simply purchase fresh produce from area farms through our Fresh food grocery store.

What Is the Problem We Are Trying To Fix

At Steve and Dan's Online Market, we understand that there are two sides to the coin: the consumer side and a supply side. When it comes to the consumers, we believe that they do not have access to the best and the healthiest products that are not only fresh but are directly sourced from farmers who grow them organically and sustainably fresh manner. On the other hand, when it comes to the supply side, we do not give the majority of funds to those who actually grow our food for us. Through our venture, we also help farmers, as we purchase all our organic products from them.

Shopping is Easy

Every single wee, we choose the freshest food items available for our partner farmers.

Get What You Love!

You can customize your order and simply add what you want from the numerous items we offer.

We Do the Work

You can rest assured that the food you are buying is harvested by our farmers and then packed to order.

It's Simple

Open your door and receive your order!

We at Steve and Dan's Online Market Believe That Food Should Be Delicious

Don't you?

Whether you are biting into a perfectly ripe and juicy strawberry or tasting the first locally harvested corn, eating should be a joyful and tasty experience! Steve and Dan's Online Market was founded with the ultimate goal of providing customers with fresh, delicious, and nutritious produce.

This is why we bring freshly harvested food right from the farmer to you!

The produce that mostly arrives on the supermarket shelves of any large grocery store is not only old, which undoubtedly affects the taste, but it also promulgates a food system that is not good for anyone- farmers, consumers, and the overall community. It can take several weeks for your food to travel across from the farm to the store, whereas; we offer quick grocery delivery of fresh, delicious, and organic produce. We also provide the best vegan food in Edmonton.

What is Steve and Dan's Online Market, exactly?

Steve and Dan's Online Market, just as the name suggests, is an online farmer's market. Our ultimate goal is to create a better and healthier food system that is not only better for the consumers but also the farmers. How we do this is by connecting the farmers directly with consumers. This helps us pass on almost 60% of what our consumers pay directly to those who grow our food for us. This helps consumers get their food directly from the harvest so that it is a lot fresher than merely anything you can find at the supermarket. You have full accountability of where the food is coming from!