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No Exceptions with Our Jams and Jellies

At Steve and Dan's Online Market, we believe in keeping all our food local as well as fresh! We simply make no exceptions when it comes to jams and jellies. Our jam experts oversee every single thing when it comes to jams. In order to make the perfect batch jams and jellies, our jam experts start with an organic mixture of fresh fruits sourced locally. We use a traditional copper jam pot to macerate the fresh fruit with sugar overnight. The next day we simmer the fruit in its own juice until it is turned to jam. Jars of jams and jellies are then carefully hand filled and sent out to the ones who have ordered.

Our Journey

Our love for fresh and locally sourced organic ingredients along with traditional methods is the key to making our jams and jellies taste perfect and one of a kind. All our jams are slowly cooked to perfection. We never hurry our process, which makes our jams and jellies taste absolutely divine! You would love to taste the beauty of fresh, locally sourced fruit throughout the seasons. We are also extremely proud of using organic sugar in all our spreads. Unlike most of the jam and jelly producers, we at Steve and Dan's Online Kitchen extract our own pectin using green apples instead of purchasing commercial pectin.

Handmade and Tasty

Our handmade jams and jellies pair perfectly with our organic bread. They can also enhance your plate of simple cheese and cracker platter, or take your classic peanut butter and jam sandwich to the next level as the season's change, so do our jams and jellies.

Made In Small Batches

We produce our jams and jellies in small batches using traditional methods to create a magnificent range of quality fruit spreads. Whether it is supplying small batches of jams and jellies or large quantities, we can do both for you. Our only goal is for you to have locally sourced organic jam always available to tantalize your taste buds. We put in a lot of love into every single jar that we produce, and you're bound to love every single lick of it!

Searching For the Best Fruit to Make The Spread

At Steve and Dan's Online Kitchen, we understand that it is actually the fruit that makes any spread great, which is why we search for flavorful varieties that are carefully and methodically cultivated and tended to. Our local farmers are an important part of our business, and we consider them all to be an important part of our fruit spread making team.


Steve and Dan's Online Kitchen's jams and jellies are completely different from all the others that have been produced commercially. Our traditional jam and jelly making process delivers clearly exclusive results that are beautiful both in presentation as well as taste. We use time honored traditional techniques, which leads to a soft and clear product with an exclusive ability to preserve the taste and flavor and has numerous different uses that most people would ever believe!

Jamcitement For You

You can dip, mix, spread, or add to enhance your favorite food with the wonderful flavors our spreads have to offer. Whether it is adding them to gravies, licking it off the plate, accompanying a plate of cheese, meats, or simply adding flavor to vegan dishes, our jams are bound to raise the excitement level in the room!

No Use of Commercial Pectin

At Steve and Dan's Online Kitchen, we only use pectin we source ourselves. We never use commercial pectin or any other type of additives, simply using organic sugar as the setting aid. Locally sourced cider vinegar is used in the savory range of spreads. Our team does not believe in importing produce that is readily available on our doorstep.

What is Steve and Dan's Online Market, exactly?

Steve and Dan's Online Market, just as the name suggests, is an online farmer's market. Our ultimate goal is to create a better and healthier food system that is not only better for the consumers but also the farmers. How we do this is by connecting the farmers directly with consumers. This helps us pass on almost 60% of what our consumers pay directly to those who grow our food for us. This helps consumers get their food directly from the harvest so that it is a lot fresher than merely anything you can find at the supermarket. You have full accountability of where the food is coming from!