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We are very proud of the juice we are able to provide to all of our customers. To learn more about specific items that we sell, please click any of the below images:

Here To Make You Feel Awesome

We at Steve and Dan's Online Kitchen are here to make you feel absolutely AWESOME! And to feel awesome, you must begin with your food. We deliver ready to drink organic juices, organic food, and all the other goods you require for a healthy and natural well stocked pantry right to your doorstep. Every single thing we serve is plant powered!

Organic Cold-Pressed Juices

Order juice online from us, just pop off the lid and sip on to our 100% organic juices. Are you ready to delve into an infusion of vitamins and antioxidants with every single nourishing sip that you take? Order today!

What Makes Us Different From All the Others

We at Steve and Dan's Online Kitchen source some of the best and most flavorful organic produce which features ingredients from the local farms. We then craft a huge selection of tasty plant based foods, juices along with superfood smoothies. At Steve and Dan's Online Kitchen, we are perfectionists, and we hold ourselves to the highest of standards, satisfying even the most demanding of clients.

We do not just say that our produce is organic and non GMO, we endure the hard work and the expenses of earning your seal of approval so that you can consume our organic juices with utmost confidence. We work alongside the farmers who work hard day and night, growing the fruits needed to create our delicious juices. You should know that every single fruit that ends up in your juice was organically grown. To put it in simpler words, we go the extra mile to make sure that you are the best juice and eating the most natural and healthiest food on the planet. If you are looking for organic juice in Edmonton, contact us!

Cold Press Juices To Quench Your Thirst

At Steve and Dan's Online Kitchen, our interest and knowledge when it comes to plant based produce and the juice were actually sparked by necessity. Through our very own struggles with numerous food allergies and not being able to find authentic organic products. We decided it was enough and then started sourcing some of the best produces to make their way to your dinner table directly from the farm.

How Does It Work

You have the liberty to build your juice pack with any of our organic juices when you buy organic juices from us. This is a convenient yet tasty solution if you need healthy nutrition on the go. We believe that you should be able to have whatever you like.

High-Density Health

The juices we offer have high nutrition, a realistic option for everybody. Each bottle of juice that we provide contains 1-4 lbs. of fresh vitamin alongside mineral rich produce.

Just-Picked Freshness

At Steve and Dan's Online Market, we juice all our ingredients immediately for a superior taste and the maximum amount of vitamins as well as antioxidants.

What is Steve and Dan's Online Market, exactly?

Steve and Dan's Online Market, just as the name suggests, is an online farmer's market. Our ultimate goal is to create a better and healthier food system that is not only better for the consumers but also the farmers. How we do this is by connecting the farmers directly with consumers. This helps us pass on almost 60% of what our consumers pay directly to those who grow our food for us. This helps consumers get their food directly from the harvest so that it is a lot fresher than merely anything you can find at the supermarket. You have full accountability of where the food is coming from!