Steve and Dan's B.C. Frozen Blackberries


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Steve and Dan's 

Taste: Blackberries have a lush sweetness. When they are fully ripe, blackberries are incredibly juicy and can have a slightly tart, almost citrus-like note to them. 

Nutritional Info:

  • Full of vitamins C and K
  • Contain a substantial amount of dietary fiber, with 100 grams of blackberries providing you with 25% of your daily recommended fiber intake
  • Blackberry leaves are often used to treat stomach ailments

When to Look for Blackberries: You can find out BC blackberries at markets at the beginning of June throughout the summer. Blackberries are ready to eat when they are completely black and shiny, with no red spots. We do all our freezing at the perfect ripeness. 

Best Uses For Blackberries:  Blackberries have a phenomenally good flavor and a lusciously purple colour, making them great for smoothies, lemonade, vinaigrette, or barbecue marinade. Blackberries are amazing when baked into pies or crumbles as well.

How to Store Frozen Blackberries: We vacuum seal all our berries for optimal freshness. When opening the bag leave in the fridge or counter to dethaw and separate the pieces. To reseal add to a larger bag or use a reusable clip.