Steve and Dan's B.C. Pink Lady


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Taste: This pretty, small to medium apple is easily identified by its solid, shiny pink skin and bright white flesh. It’s a favorite with people who love a snappy apple with plenty of crunch and a sweet-tart, green apple bite.  

Nutritional Info:

  • Pink Ladies are also lower in calories than the majority of apples, averaging only 54 calories per fruit rather than the standard average of 80 calories
  • One apple provides you with one quarter of your daily recommended dose of vitamin C, fibre for digestion, and antioxidants to fight against premature ageing

When To Find Pink Lady Apples: Pink Lady has one of the longest growing periods, and while it is the first apple to bloom each spring it is the last to harvest, spending more time on the tree than any other apple.  Look for Pink Lady throughout the winter months, beginning in early November.

Best Uses for Pink Lady Apples: Pink Lady is a firm apple with plenty of flavor and a cool, sweet-tart finish that makes it appropriate for either sweet or savory dishes. Its white flesh resists browning, making it a popular choice for serving with cheese, hummus, or other dippers. It holds firm when cooked and retains a beautiful, apple flavor when dehydrated or baked into chips.

How to Store Pink Lady Apples: Like other apples, store in your refrigerator's crisper for upwards of a week.

Medium Basket 2-2.5Lbs Approx 5-7 pieces depending on size and variety

Large Basket 4 -4.5lbs Approx 10-12 pieces depending on size and variety

Extra Large Bags 8Lbs Approx 18-20 pieces depending on size and variety


*Keep refrigerated to last up to 2-3 weeks.