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We Stand Behind Our Fish, Guaranteed

Enjoy the very best catch delivered to your doorstep through our seafood delivery in Edmonton. We have your fish perfectly portioned and flash frozen, ready for you to cook it. All of our organic seafood is caught wild by our Canadian fishermen to ensure the healthiest and the most delicious and tasty seafood you can find.

Join us in celebrating Canada's seafood.

Dock, Door, Dinner

We take help from lots of local fishermen. When you buy seafood online from us, you can rest assured that you will receive the most excellent seafood right at your doorstep.

Our Mission

Every single day we purchase fresh seafood from local fishermen who closely monitor and manage through a strict science based system so that you can rest assured that the fish you are consuming is responsibly caught from healthy oceans. The ultimate goal we at Steve and Dan's Online Market have is to make delicious and organic seafood available to consumers all across Edmonton. In our mission to get more Canadians to consume better fish, we travel far and wide to meet all the individuals who have harvested and protected our waters for generations.

Join us in celebrating Canada's seafood from port towns and coastal villages.

Fresh Seafood Delivered Right to Your Door with Steve and Dan's Online Market

Steve and Dan's Online Market offers the biggest assortment of seafood from across Edmonton online delivered right to your doorstep. Our business aims to deliver freshness, premium quality, and the same delivery when you buy seafood online from us. Not only do we have the biggest selection of seafood, we also offer same day delivery providing you with the freshest quality of seafood.

Order Seafood Online for the Healthiest Source of Protein

One of the healthiest sources of protein with us also becomes the tastiest source of protein offered to you in the most convenient manner possible. Get organic seafood delivered directly to your doorstep when you shop with us at Steve and Dan's Online Market. The fresh seafood available at your local fishmongers is nothing in comparison to the exceptional delicacies that have been handpicked by our expert seafood professionals. After a thorough and careful evaluation, we deliver to you the best assortment of fish along with other pearls from the sea to your dinner table. Our team has a passion for seafood delivery, which brings you the best of seafood throughout the year!

Fresh Fish at Your Doorstep

The seafood business goes back in time. Even today, it is mostly done the way it was carried out 2000 years ago. We are in touch with local fishermen who are in businesses that have been handed down from generation to generation. Steve and Dan's Online Market has reimagined this fragmented and largely opaque business in the digital world. We are 100% convinced that seafood presents numerous health benefits that should be shared with the larger populace. Enjoy the incredible taste of seafood when you buy seafood online from us!

Taste the Difference

The organic fresh seafood that we choose for our consumers is chosen only because of the incredible taste that it has to offer. We handpick all the produce we sell in order to deliver the best seafood to all our consumers. All the seafood that is featured on our website has undergone numerous tests. If it does not taste as fabulous as it looks, we just do not look any further. We only aim to bring the best seafood from the dock to your door to the dinner table.

The taste in seafood is dependent on numerous different things. However, the first and foremost is the freshness. The fresh seafood we offer smells just like the sea. That exciting anticipation on the way to the shore is then prompted by the very first whiff of the sea breeze.

That is fresh fish!

The fresh seafood we offer is going to taste nothing like something that you have ever experienced before. It requires neither the adornment nor any fancy sauce as the native flavor it offers is incredible on its own.

At Steve and Dan's Online Market, we accomplish freshness by having the quality assurance team chooses from the mound of fresh seafood that our local fishermen catch every single day. We offer the most extensive assortment and the freshest and organic domestic seafood available anywhere in Canada.

What is Steve and Dan's Online Market, exactly?

Steve and Dan's Online Market, just as the name suggests, is an online farmer's market. Our ultimate goal is to create a better and healthier food system that is not only better for the consumers but also the farmers. How we do this is by connecting the farmers directly with consumers. This helps us pass on almost 60% of what our consumers pay directly to those who grow our food for us. This helps consumers get their food directly from the harvest so that it is a lot fresher than merely anything you can find at the supermarket. You have full accountability of where the food is coming from!