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Steve and Dan's Online Market is one of the leading organic vegetable delivery services in Edmonton. We are an online farmer's market that is dedicated to offering fresh food delivery all across Edmonton. We purchase from local farmers who provide us with local and sustainably raised produce, meat as well as artisan produce. We offer fresh vegetable delivery for clients throughout Edmonton. Our online market has some of the best organic produce such as meat, cheese, juices, eggs, and fruits, to name a few. Our super fresh and super fun and flexible approach through which we deliver fresh produce are unlike any other. We serve clients throughout Edmonton, and most of what we earn goes to the local farmers we purchase our produce from. We are also able to customize your produce box as per your needs and requirements.

How does It work?

We do not require any subscription, and you can choose from our continuously changing seasonal offering of the organic produce, pastured raised meats, and heritage breed.

The Best Sourced To You

We believe in the best that our region has to offer, which is why we make all efforts to source it for you. Once we receive the orders you placed, we then contact our vast network of farmers to let them know what vegetables they need to pick and then ship it to you on the same day. We offer to you quality organic vegetables so that your meals are as tasty as possible.

Delivered To Your Door

We also hire local drivers to bring your produce to you directly to your door. We ensure the freshest vegetables of your choice reach to you on the same day the order is placed. These vegetables are safely tucked inside an insulated box to maintain their freshness. We are standing amongst the best online vegetable store because of our quality service. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy!

Farm Fresh Vegetables at Your Doorstep

We are Edmonton's most trusted provider of farm fresh vegetables. We use our vast network of small farms to bring organic vegetables to homes all across Edmonton. A single purchase helps support our B Corp mission of fighting hunger and also offer support to sustainable agricultural practices. Buy organic vegetables from us today!

Legendary Taste

Experience the legendary flavors of organic fruits we have to offer today! We ship your favorite vegetables right to your step on the same day the order is placed, ensuring you receive fresh and delicious products.

Eat Healthier, Feel Better

Get your favorite seasonally sourced and carefully handpicked vegetables by merely clicking and choosing your favorite items. We will deliver all the vegetables you have chosen to your doorstep on the same day. All you have to do is gather around the table to share a meal with your family and friends.

Right from the farm to your dinner table!

What is Steve and Dan's Online Market, exactly?

Steve and Dan's Online Market, just as the name suggests, is an online farmer's market. Our ultimate goal is to create a better and healthier food system that is not only better for the consumers but also the farmers. How we do this is by connecting the farmers directly with consumers. This helps us pass on almost 60% of what our consumers pay directly to those who grow our food for us. This helps consumers get their food directly from the harvest so that it is a lot fresher than merely anything you can find at the supermarket. You have full accountability of where the food is coming from!